Strata Landlords Insurance

When renting out strata units you cannot rely on the Strata (Building) Insurance to fully cover you for all risks.

strata landlord insurance

When renting out strata units often people think they can rely on the Strata (Building) Insurance to cover them. This is not the case however and a specialist Insurance policy does exist to cover you for these gaps in cover.

This cover is not just required if you lease out the property with some contents or furniture included. This is because this policy includes all of the following covers :

  • Contents Including Furnishings, Carpets, Curtains, Fixtures & Fittings
  • Public Liability claims against the property owner
  • Loss of Rent due to Tenants Default
  • Loss of Rent due to Tenants Early Departure
  • Workers Compensation – for any contractors used such as for repairs or general up keep and maintenance.

All of these covers are included and it is a very quick and simple policy to set up at cost of usually around $300-$350.

With Competitive Insurance being a specialist in this area we are even able to do it cheaper than this above RRP price due to our large buying power with the insurers and our association with our valued business partners.

To meet the growing needs of your family or personal portfolio, we recommend your insurances be reviewed regularly to ensure that your insurance remains relevant with your existing range of policies.

Please contact us at Competitive Insurance Solutions if we can assist you with any queries.

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