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Have an expert explain all the nuances of the cover to the insured and assist in loss minimisation strategies

After a major loss, a disheartening number of businesses find it impossible to recover.

The cold, hard truth is that a staggering number of businesses crumble in the wake of a significant loss. Why? Because when a loss occurs, most business owners and/or management teams will already have a full diary and be working at capacity.

The key functions of the management team include looking after customers, staff and suppliers, not to mention the administration duties, such as managing cash flow. When the loss occurs, these functions continue, but now the loss and disruption to the business have to be minimised, as well as rebuilding and replacing equipment; not to mention the insurance claim, which has to be managed carefully to ensure that the full entitlement is received. Each of these tasks are time consuming and stressful, and it is not the time to make a wrong decision!

Insurance companies engage experts in the form of loss adjusters and investigators to protect their interests, and they are in the business of insurance! Having an expert explain all the nuances of the cover to the Insured, assist in loss minimisation strategies, and prepare the claim in accordance with the cover and terms of the policy allows the Insured to do what they do best: look after their customers and concentrate on getting the business back to where it ought to be, as quickly as possible.

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