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The Recruitment, Labour Hire & Training Industries are very unique in that there is also a third party involved known as the Host Employer.

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Public Liability Insurance covers claims made against you for alleged negligence in relation to injury or property damage Professional Indemnity Insurance covers claims usually of a financial loss resulting from an alleged professional misconduct due to an act, error or omission.

Management Liability Insurance is a package of various types of insurances to cover the Directors & Officers for their personal risks that may expose them to a claim being made against them personally. This type of insurance also covers for claims involving incidents that occur within the organisation itself such as embezzlement of funds or Superannuation Trustee Liability or even Cyber Liability claims.

In some industries these three policy types and what they cover can become blurred when a claim occurs.

The Recruitment, Labour Hire & Training Industries are very unique in that rather than just having a master/servant relationship there is also a third party involved which is often referred to as the Host Employer. When a claim is made due to a member of the public or even a worker or trainee getting injured or suffering property damage it can make for a very complicated and expensive legal battle. In a time like this an insurance broker who specialises in this area is required to ensure that you obtain a specific insurance policy that allows for such eventualities.

Standard policies have several clauses & standard policy exclusions that are not appropriate for the labour hire industry it is very important to ensure the insurance policy you have is going to be right for you and to cover you for your claims as expected when you need it to.

At Competitive Insurance Solutions we look after many large and small clients in the Recruitment, Labour Hire & Recruitment Industries and are happy to assist you should you like to contact us to discuss your needs.

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