Farm and Tradesman Insurance

Our farm and tradesman insurance cover can be fully tailored to include options specific to your needs. We understand that every farm and trade is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to rural or business insurance.

Our policies are designed to cover the kind of risks unique to you. Those risks can take many different forms and we can help you to identify which need to be included in your insurance cover.

We can provide you with cover for storm damage, machinery and tools, catching fire or suffering other damage, theft of vehicles or equipment and more.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

We can provide Vehicle insurance to protect your business vehicles against losses related to owning and operating a motor vehicle. This can be a loss to one of the insured vehicles (accident, theft & fire), or a loss to a third party that the business is liable for due to owning or operating the vehicle involved.

Vehicles that fall under a business fleet may include:

  • The business owner's personal cars
  • Business use vehicles driven by senior management and sales representatives
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Delivery vehicles including heavy transport and
  • Plant and equipment.

A company vehicle being off the road due to theft or accident is an inconvenience and can quickly mean disruption and costs for a business. That is where our personalised claims service can assist. We are committed to delivering a consistently outstanding claims service in the event of loss to get the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Trades Package Insurance

This is a package policy comprising of several sections of cover with a policy wording specifically tailored from Tradesman. Sections of cover available under these packages can include Building, Contents & stock Cover for Fire & other Perils, &/or Theft, Business Interruption, Money, Public & Products Liability, Glass, Trailers, Personal Accident (Income Protection), Machinery Breakdown and much more.

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Personal Accident & Illness Insurance (Income Protection)

This insurance covers you a weekly benefit following your loss of income from either an Accident or Sickness or Both. You are also able to vary the policies indemnity period from as little as 6 months and as much as 36 months. It can also include Capital Benefits (lump sum payments) which are calculated on a percentage of whole body impairment. These policies offer a number of variations in your coverage options to tailor the policy to your needs and your budget.

We are also able to refer you to a Life Insurance specialist should you wish to look at a longer term Income Protection policy to cover you for your loss of income until aged 65 or to insure you for total & permanent disablement.

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Public & Products Liability (Broadform Liability) Insurance

Liability Insurance usually comes as a package policy which includes Public & Products Liability together.

Public Liability insurance exists to cover your business against claims arising in respect of personal injury or property damage that has been alleged usually by a member of the public or a customer. In some states of Australia however claims can also be made as a subrogated Workers Compensation claim if negligence is alleged by the worker or a Workers Compensation insurer for a workers injury.

Products Liability in broad terms, a products liability policy is instituted to provide indemnity to the insured for claims arising in respect of the Nature, Condition or Quality of goods manufactured, sold or supplied by the insured, but it is not a goods warranty policy.

Liability at law can arise under tort (or civil actions) or under contract. While settlements are often made out of court by mutual agreement, legal liability can only be finally decided by the courts. Public, Products Professional Liability, Directors and Officers and other Third Party Liability insurance would normally cover only non-contractual obligations.

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General Property (Tools of Trade) Insurance

General Property Insurance covers loss or damage to either a specified list of equipment or to unspecified equipment up to a pre agreed sum.

This property is usually of a portable nature such as tools of trade or electronic equipment. This cover is not limited to only covering a loss at a pre agreed location and is a very popular and necessary cover for many businesses who do not remain at one location to carry out their business.

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Workers Compensation (Employers Liability) Insurance

The legal rights of an employee are usually defined in law under a country's Employment Code or Workmen's Compensation Acts. Usually these laws provide for certain fixed sums to be paid by a government body to an employee if the employee is injured in the course of his work. The sums are usually funded by a government levy imposed upon all employers. This may be the only compensation employees are entitled to and is usually payable without any need to prove negligence on the part of the employer. However, in some territories it is possible for the employee to take legal action in common law to recover damages for injury if the accident occurred as a result of the negligence of the employer. Negligence on the part of the employer could come about for example by the employer providing unsafe equipment, an unsafe system of work or perhaps through the negligence of another employee. Any damages awarded and the legal costs of defending any claim can be covered under an Employer's Liability, Workcover or Workers' Compensation Policy.

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To meet the growing needs of your farm or your trades business, we recommend your insurances be reviewed regularly to ensure that your insurance remains relevant with your existing range of policies.

Please contact us at Competitive Insurance Solutions if we can assist you with any queries.